Academic Infrastructure


All the classrooms of BCCM are fully air-conditioned with comfortable seating arrangements. They are equipped with modern and latest technological teaching aids, including LCD projection facilities, glass boards, computers, PA system, and CCTV security.


The library of BCCM is equipped with around 4,500 titles of books consisting of more than 11,142 volumes. There is also a book bank system that contains prescribed textbooks of reputed authors.

BCCM library subscribes to 22 national journals, 4 international journals, and an online database “DELNET” that provides access to several e-journals. Besides, the library also subscribes to a large number of newspapers, periodicals, and magazines that cater to the interests of staff and students.


BCCM has two fully air-conditioned auditoriums equipped with the latest electronic equipment for the best projection and sound system. One auditorium can accommodate 220 persons, and the other one has a capacity of 150 seats. Both auditoriums remain occupied throughout the year for various cultural, literary, musical events, conferences, and workshops. Several industry-institution interfaces are held in the auditoriums where eminent personalities, iconic businessmen, and renowned celebrities participate in different kinds of functions and deliberations.


BCCM has the most modern, state-of-the-art computer center with over 100 computer systems configured with the latest software. Besides, computers are also available in the library, classrooms, and lecture theatre.

The computer lab is equipped with language lab software (LORREL) that provides an opportunity for students and faculty to participate in various multimedia-based voice labs and sessions for improving their communication in English. Teachers also get the benefit of preparing examination papers and producing reports from this interactive lab.

BCCM provides SAP 6.0 consultant level Enterprise Resource Planning training programs to students to enhance their potential for employability, especially in the fields of Sales & Distribution, Financial Accounting & Controlling, and Human Resource management.


The entire campus has a switch-based Local Area Network that is fully Wi-Fi enabled. Students can work on various platforms such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Office 2016, Office 2019, and Python, etc. The entire campus is fully networked via a 200 MBPS leased line internet connectivity, keeping students connected with the rest of the world round the clock. The hostel rooms are also connected to this through the leased line facility provided by the Institute via the centralized server.

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