Our Aim


Develop professional, efficient and creative managerial acumen of students for global
industry and services. It strives to inculcate in the minds of the students the basic human values, Indian tradition and culture and a sense of social responsibility towards the nation.


To create an academic institution of excellence in the field of management with concern for social, economic and ecological issues. To strive continuously for achieving high standard of research and application consistent with the needs of the nation.


Character, humility, selflessness and spirit through dedicated work.
– Achieving high standards through ethics and moral values.
– Passion for excellence by embracing Indian Culture and Tradition.

– Facilitate meaningful contribution to society, environment and organization


  • To meet the contemporary skill requirements of the corporates by way of providing industry focused and need based curriculum for the students.
  • To facilitate in making the youth employable.
  • To enable the students to be self-reliant and economically self-sustaining by infusing entrepreneurial mindset.
  • To provide international exposure in management education for enhancing global employability.
  • To develop strong cultural base and promote Indian values.
  • To create an intellectual climate and elevate the quality of academic delivery through research works.
  • To participate in the development of the society as part of ISR.
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